Quatro Variable Voltage 510 Thread Battery (Camo)

Quatro Variable Voltage 510 Thread Battery (Camo)
Quatro Variable Voltage 510 Thread Battery (Camo)
Quatro Variable Voltage 510 Thread Battery (Camo)

Quatro Variable Voltage 510 Thread Battery (Camo)

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In the world of stick batteries, the Quatro stands out as the ultimate choice for those who demand excellence without compromise. Designed specifically for the discerning clientele of dispensaries and retailers, this innovative device redefines the 510 pen battery experience.

Exceptional Stability and Performance: Tired of your pen batteries rolling off your desk? The Quatro's unique cube-shaped design not only prevents that inconvenience but also delivers a solid, high-performance feel that sets it apart. This is a battery that combines form and function flawlessly.

Style That Steals the Show: Gone are the days when a 510 pen battery had to be round. The Quatro's sleek cube shape fits snugly in your pocket alongside your favorite 510 thread prefilled cartridge. Plus, with striking new deluxe Camo and Rainbow color options, it's guaranteed to capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

Powerful and Reliable: Don't let its good looks fool you; the Quatro means business. With a robust 400 MAH capacity, this workhorse can keep up with even the most demanding users, offering extended usage before needing a recharge. Its three power settings, with a maximum output of 4.2 Volts, provide versatility to cater to individual preferences. And for a seamless start, the Quatro features a practical preheat function.

Effortless Charging and Rapid Performance: Simplicity and efficiency are paramount with the Quatro. A micro USB charging port at the base of the battery ensures hassle-free recharging, while its impressive 15W output performance guarantees rapid and consistent power delivery.

When it comes to offering your customers a standout vaping experience, the Quatro by HoneyStick is the ultimate choice. Elevate your dispensary or retail business with a product that marries style, performance, and reliability. Order the Quatro today and set a new standard for excellence in your industry.

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