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Cannabis consumers have increasingly turned to cooking as a method to incorporate cannabis into their lifestyle, both for medicinal and recreational purposes. Cooking with cannabis involves using either the herb form or concentrates to infuse various dishes and edibles.

At Turning Point Brands Canada, we cater to many cooking essentials at wholesale, all under one roof. Order your favorite or stock right away for your head shops and dispensaries.

Cooking Products

Let’s see our collection of cooking in detail.

  • Ongrok

Meet ONGROK's Botanical Infuser Machine, a user-friendly herb infusion master. With a simple interface, just choose time and temperature and let it do the work. Its 1-5 cups capacity is perfect for creating infused butter, oil, tinctures, and more. 

We also have ONGROK’s compact powerhouse, the Small Batch Botanical Infuser Machine, with a 3/4 to 2.5 cup oil capacity.

These kits include 2-micron mesh filter bags, a butter stick mold, and silicone gloves, providing everything needed to begin infusing immediately!

The BPA-Free silicone molds will help make delicious edible infusions. It's made from 100% food-grade silicone, and these silicone molds' flexible, smooth material makes treats easy to remove.

  • Herbal Chef

Effortlessly create infused oils and butter with the Herbal Chef Butter Infuser. Prepare infused butter in less than 10 minutes, it is perfect for enhancing kitchen creations.

This compact infuser efficiently produces one stick of butter in just under 10 minutes. This infuser comes in various sizes to accommodate different quantities of herbal butter. Choose from:

  • Small (1 Stick)

  • Large (2 Sticks)

  • Extra Large (4 Sticks)

The Herbal Chef Silicone Hot Glove, perfect for 420-friendly cooking, withstands temperatures up to 445 degrees. Crafted from superior quality, non-slip silicone, it boasts a chic mini hemp leaf pattern, enhancing grip and style.

The Herbal Chef Silicone Spatula is an essential tool for any 420-friendly kitchen. This high-quality spatula is made from non-slip, food-safe silicone with a seamless, unibody design that simplifies cleaning. The handle is decorated with mini hemp leaves, enhancing grip and control.

  • Ardent

Ardent - Lift fully activates THC and CBD in the flower, kief, or concentrates.

It is used to infuse butter and oil effortlessly. With features like odorless and mess-free, no cleanup is necessary. It is a must-have appliance that is easy to use from home (the unit is 7.5″ x 4″). It can hold up to one ounce of flower or five ounces of kief.

Ardent - Nova/Lift sleeve is FDA-approved, food-grade, and BPA-free, and silicone makes decarbing concentrates and infusing even easier. Make more infused oils at a time, or use them during decarb.

The Ardent Flex is an all-in-one activation, infusion, melting, and baking appliance requiring no prior cannabis, cooking, or baking experience.


    8 products
    Botanical Infuser Kit (Large)

    Botanical Infuser Kit (Small)

    Herbal Chef - Silicone Hot Glove-Turning Point Brands Canada
    Herbal Chef - Silicone Hot Glove
    Herbal Chef

    Herbal Chef - Large Silicone Spatula (11")-Turning Point Brands Canada
    Herbal Chef - Large Silicone Spatula (11")
    Herbal Chef

    Ardent - Lift-Turning Point Brands Canada
    Ardent - Lift

    Ardent - Nova/Lift Concentration and Infusion Sleeve-Turning Point Brands Canada
    Ardent - Nova/Lift Concentration and Infusion Sleeve

    Ardent - Flex-Turning Point Brands Canada
    Ardent - Flex

    Silicone Gummy Molds & Dropper Kit (Set of 3)