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Vaping Filters

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Vaping Filters - An Essential Accessory

Vaping filters are also known as mouthpieces. They are an essential accessory for a vape pen or vaporizer. These filters attached to the end help filter out any unwanted particles or debris that may be inhaled during vaping.

At Turning Point Brands Canada, many vaping filters are available, from disposable filters to more durable and long-lasting options. Let’s have a look at them.

Vaping Filters - Our Wholesale Collection

Vaping filters can prolong the lifespan of a vape pen or vaporizer. We offer a variety of wholesale vaping filters to choose from according to your dispensary's needs and preferences. 


Degradable Personal Air Filter is an innovative smoke eliminator that is designed by keeping discreet in mind. It is compact, degradable, and made almost entirely of corn starch. Each filter will last, on average, 300 uses of cigarettes, 600 uses of glass, and 900 uses of the pen.

Vaporizer Accessories

Pocket Philteris is a slim, personal filter that can be attached to the vaporizer or smoking accessory. For a smoke-free experience, adult consumers can simply exhale smoke into the mouthpiece to reduce discharge and keep the air around them fresh and clean.

The PHILTER PHLIP is the 1st filtration accessory for a vaporizer! For more smoke and no smell experience, Simply inhale from the vaporizer on one end and ‘PHLIP’ to exhale smoke into the filter on the opposite end.

The PHILTER improved cartridges are now available in exciting colors to mix and match with POCKET and PHLIP sleeves. It now offers up to 150 exhales per PHILTER.
    6 products
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