510 Thread Battery
510 Thread Battery
510 Thread Battery
510 Thread Battery
510 Thread Battery
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Enjoy pocket-size convenience with our 510-thread battery in our Boreal Haze color. Soft-touch surface, button activation, and clean design make the BRNT Designs 510 Vape Battery & Charger perfect for those that want to add variety to their cannabis consumption. 


  • Battery capacity: 320mAh 
  • Fouvariablvoltagsettingsthpreheatinvoltagi2.0V
    • Low (2.4V Blue light)
    • Med (3.0V Green light)
    • Med high (3.6V Yellow)
    • High (4.2V Red)
  • Soft-touch painted finish
  • Short circuit protection

How to use

Prep | Make sure the battery is fully charged. Load your 510 cart and turn on with 5 rapid clicks.

Set | Change the heat settings with 3 rapid button clicks. 

  • Low (2.4V Blue light)
  • Med (3.0V Green light)
  • Med high (3.6V Yellow)
  • High (4.2V Red)

Enjoy | Press and hold the button as you inhale. Turn off with 5 rapid button clicks.

Things to watch out for: After 10 seconds of continuous inhalation, the LED will blink 5 times. Then the device automatically turns to sleep mode. 

Short-circuit protection: If a cartridge is detected with a short-circuit or low resistance during or before inhalation, the LED will flash 10 times and the device will shut off. 

Fine Details


  • 11.2mm width | 0.44 inches
  • 98.99mm height | 3.89 inches
  • Boreal Haze coloring

Accessories included: USB charging cable

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