Ripper Electric Dab Rig

Ripper Electric Dab Rig
Ripper Electric Dab Rig
Ripper Electric Dab Rig
Ripper Electric Dab Rig
Ripper Electric Dab Rig
Ripper Electric Dab Rig
Ripper Electric Dab Rig

Ripper Electric Dab Rig

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The Ripper Herb & Wax Portable E-Rig: A Must-Have for Dispensaries and Head Shops

Introducing the HoneyStick Ripper E Rig, the Dual-Purpose Powerhouse Electric Rig Vaporizer Tailored for Dabs and Dry Herbs.

Elevate the dabbing and dry herb experience for your customers with the all-new HoneyStick Ripper E-Rig. This electric rig vaporizer combines top-tier functionality with eye-catching aesthetics, offering a unique design that caters to both seasoned dab enthusiasts and dry herb aficionados.


  1. Full-Sized Glass Water Bubbler: The Ripper E-Rig boasts a full-sized glass water bubbler that guarantees a pure, cool, and refreshing vapor. Your customers can savor every hit with unmatched smoothness, whether they're enjoying dabs or their favorite dry herbs.

  2. Powerful 4000mAh Rechargeable Battery: Housed within a stable desktop metal base, the Ripper E-Rig is equipped with a robust 4000mAh rechargeable battery. This powerhouse ensures extended sessions without the inconvenience of frequent recharging, allowing your customers to indulge without interruption.

  3. Temperature Transition Alerts: The rig keeps your customers informed with a convenient vibration alert system for temperature changes, enabling precise control over their vaping experience.

  4. Intuitive Battery Life Indicator: Featuring an intuitive LED battery life indicator, the E-Rig changes colors to reflect the battery level: Green (100%-60%), Blue (60%-30%), and Red (15%-0%). This ensures that your customers are always aware of when a recharge is needed.


  • Glass Watter Bubbler
  • 4000mAh Dab Pen Battery (Erig Base)
  • USB-C Charging Port Cable
  • Dab Tool
  • 10 x Cotton Swabs
  • 2 x Quartz Bowls
  • Atomizer / Heating Chamber
  • Atomizer Cover
  • Carb Cap

Precise Temperature Settings

Simplicity is at the heart of the Ripper E-Rig. A single button controls the operations, allowing users to toggle between four precise temperature settings:

  • Blue LED (Low at 437 F): Ideal for light sessions with small loads.
  • Green LED (Med at 445 F): Suited for medium loads.
  • Red LED (High at 473 F): Perfect for heavy loads, ensuring rich flavors.
  • White LED (XL at 509 F): Crafted for those XL sessions that demand peak performance.

Versatile Kit for Enhanced Experiences:

The Ripper E-Rig kit embodies versatility and adaptability. This premium set includes two specially crafted Quartz bowls, each tailored for specific substances, guaranteeing optimal heating and flavor extraction. Furthermore, a precision dab tool simplifies portioning and placement of materials, while high-quality cleaning cotton swabs make maintenance straightforward, ensuring the Ripper remains in pristine condition for each session.

The Future of E Rigging Awaits:

The Ripper Electric Rig represents a harmonious blend of cutting-edge innovation and the timeless pleasure of classic dabbing. It's an invitation to a realm where sophistication meets satisfaction, and your dispensary or head shop can be at the forefront of this exciting journey.

Elevate your product offerings with the HoneyStick Ripper E-Rig, a testament to superior craftsmanship and innovation. This dual-purpose powerhouse will be the highlight of your inventory, setting a new standard for enjoyment in both dabbing and dry herb sessions for your discerning clientele.

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