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Discover the best of smoke filters for vapes

Philter has developed an impressive solution for eliminating secondhand smoke and creating a more discreet smoking experience. Their sophisticated, micro-personal filters, designed to curb secondhand vapor, have grabbed people’s attention in a big way.

Benefits of Philter vape filters

Philter products have several key benefits. First, they are equipped with Zero-5 technology, an advanced multi-stage filtration system that significantly reduces emissions. These filters also use advanced technology that keeps the ambient air smoke-free while consumers vape. Finally, they are some of the most sophisticated filters in terms of aesthetics: people love their slim, modern profile, and their ability to stylistically blend into almost any vape pen. 

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What are personal smoke filters?

In recent years, vaping has become increasingly popular, as people have sought out alternatives to traditional smoking. However, vaping does tend to create a significant amount of emissions, and noticeably alters the quality of the surrounding air. Personal smoke filters are designed not only to mask the smell of weed, but also to keep the air clean and vapor-free. Each Philter product can be used for up to 150 exhales.

Differentiators between Pocket and Phlip

When it comes to Pocket and Phlip, you really can’t go wrong: both are great-quality products. However, there are certain key features that make them unique. Read on for a quick crash course, plus some information about what you should consider when recommending a vape filter for your customers.

Philter Pocket

This slim handheld filter is among the world's most sophisticated tools for vape and smoke reduction. True to its name, it fits inside of a pocket just like a disposable lighter would. It can be used with both vaporizers and other smoking accessories. All a vape user needs to do is to inhale from their vaporizer, then exhale into the Pocket’s mouthpiece. The Philter Pocket sits at an incredibly affordable price point, at just $14.99 per unit. The Pocket is loaded with futuristic technology like a kinetic energy multiplier and phase transition chamber – experience it for yourself! 

Philter Phlip

As the world’s first emission reduction accessory, this silicone vape filter is an easy-to-use sleeve that can be attached to devices like the JUUL, V2, and G-PEN, to name a few. Vape users can take a drag from their vaporizer, then filter the vapor by exhaling back into the Philter Phlip. Priced at just $29.99 per unit, the Phlip delivers serious value. 

Both of these products are a handy solution for vape enthusiasts looking to smoke weed without smell or excessive vapor. Philter smoke accessories have gained a huge following among vape users who are mindful about secondary smoke – and for good reason!

    7 products
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