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Dabit cards feature 4 patented tools to enhance the smoking experience: a packer, spork, scraper, and poker. This product is designed to provide all the items cannabis consumers need to make the dabbing experience an exceptional one. 

Our dabit cards have a slim profile and can easily fit inside of a pocket, making them supremely easy to take on the go. Whether your customers are looking for a regular-sized dabit card with all four tools or a mini dabit card that has two essential tools (packer and poker), you’ll find everything they need right here.

Which Tools do Dabit Cards Include?

To help users achieve the perfect dab, this all-in-one product includes 4 magnetic double-sided tools that snugly snap into place, an herb grinder surface, and a silicone cover to protect against residue. Each card is made of surgical steel for long-lasting performance.


This tool has a flat tip for packing and you can use the thin tip for cleaning hard-to-reach spots. 


This tool looks like a spoon and has a hole at the tip. It's used to handle oil and optimizes heat flow. The other end of the spork has a fork-like tip which can be used to transfer slippery pieces more easily. 


As the name suggests, both ends of this tool have a different type of angled edge that can be used for scraping. 


Poke and clean using this tool’s skinny or medium-sized tip.

Apart from these four useful tools, each dabit card has a flat perforated surface that can grind herbs into a fine powder – no need for your customers to carry around a full-sized grinder if they like to keep things portable. Shop all of our wholesale dabit card styles and collections right here.

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